GED142 | From Promise To Provision

Course Description In this course, From Promise to Provision, Pastor John Kilpatrick reveals the mindset and principles you need to inherit the promises of God. No matter the fiery trial or circumstance in which you find yourself, you are being tested, and your provision lies ahead. Course Weight | 4 Credits Quiz Weight | Must …

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PRO122 | Spirit of Prophecy

Course Description In this class you will be taught the fundamentals of the gift of prophecy. We will discuss topics such as, the functions and purpose of the gift of prophesy, who can prophesy, ect. This course will train you how to hear and discern the prophetic so that it can have a significant impact …

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GHS147 | Eyes of Your Understanding

Course Description There is more than what meets the eye. Who knew understanding had eyes? In this course, Pastor John Kilpatrick explores the necessity of understanding the dimension Jesus came to demonstrate. When God opens the eyes inside of you, it may surprisingly contradict what you have always believed and change not only how you …

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