FountainGate School of Revival is an accredited online Bible college focusing on training, equipping, and activating people of faith.

Gain the knowledge you need to fulfill your God-given purpose. FountainGate School of Revival is centered on the Word of God, as biblical teaching is a core value and the foundation of all curricula. While we highlight Revival, Revelation, and the Prophetic, all curricula focus on Jesus.

Our History

FountainGate School of Revival was founded in 2000 by LaNora Morin. LaNora’s gained her vision for the school after being sought after for mentorship and biblical training. LaNora received her original mandate from Dr. Fuchsia Pickett to “carry on” what she had started many years ago in Plano, Texas. As Dr. Pickett’s spiritual daughter, LaNora was personally mentored and trained by her.

In the early days, the school offered in-person classes taught by LaNora at two locations, twice a month. As demand grew, there was a need for expansion and accessibility for students unable to attend in-person sessions. Thus, the online school was birthed! FGSOR’s excellence in instruction and teacher qualifications led FountainGate School of Revival to become a fully accredited school through Transworld Accrediting Commission International.

The FountainGate School of Revival offers fully accredited degrees! Today, we are expanding and adding exciting new courses to our curriculum from additional qualified revival leaders and instructors.

FGSOR is raising a Revival Generation ignited with the fire of His presence and power!

These glory carriers rush into the next move of God and the final harvest. They are passionate pursuers full of His Word and demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit wherever they go. Through times of Prayer and intercession, worship and adoration, and devoted study of the Word of God, these students will indeed become true disciples of Jesus.

Our Teachers

  • Dr. LaNora Morin
  • Rev. John Kilpatrick
  • Lydia S. Marrow
  • Jacqueline Searles
  • Pastor Burke Zack
  • Pastor Tim Thompson
  • Pastor Kari Thompson
  • Dr. Atticus Register
  • Marge Register
  • Barbara Boyd
  • Rabbi Jack Zimmerman
  • Jane Vaughn
  • Vivian Hibbert
  • Saeed Hosseni
  • Pastor Greg Brown
  • Pastor Zane Anderson

FGSOR students thrive in ministry and the market place!

Our students have gone on to be Senior Pastors, Youth Pastors, Children’s Pastors, Counselors, Evangelists, and Ministry Leaders. As well, many have found greater favor and success in the marketplace after completing our courses of study.

Dean of Students: Pastor Kari Thompson

Kari Thompson has her Bachelor’s in Christian Education, a Master’s in Theology, a Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Health Science with an emphasis in trauma. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling.

Kari is an anointed prophetic teacher/preacher as well as a passionate worshiper. She has learned that His presence must be a way of life. As Tim’s wife and the mother of 2 children, Noah and Emily, she finds life to be on the fast track many times. She sets a great example of how to balance family and ministry.

Kari grew up in a pastor’s home and has walked with the Lord many years. She accepted the Lord Jesus into her heart at the age of 3 and was filled with the Holy Spirit at the age of 5. When she was in junior high, she was used by God to be a catalyst for spreading the powerful news of the baptism of the Holy Spirit to all of her classmates. She even launched an early morning intercessory prayer initiative at the school. At the same time, revival broke out in her parent’s church and she received impartations from some of God’s key leaders who came to minister at the revival. Such leaders as Dr Fuchsia Pickett, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Iverna Tompkins and Dutch Sheets were regular speakers who greatly influenced her life.

Today, Pastor Kari plays an integral role at Fountain of Life as she co-pastors with Pastor Tim. God uses her to implement true changes in the lives of His people as she ministers to the deep places within them. As well, she started Mission Kitchen 153, the Fountain of Life food pantry, with 2 cans from her own pantry and now it feeds over 2,500 people a month!