PRO142 | Eschatology: The Study of Bible Prophecy and End-Time Events (Coming Soon)

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Course Description

This course will take you on an incredible journey that will lay a strong biblical foundation concerning the Study of Bible Prophecy and Endtime Events. It is designed to reveal understanding concerning God’s Endtime Prophetic Timelines. It is imperative to have a strong biblical foundation so that when current events arise across the globe, you are able to discern how it correlates with Bible Prophecy. Man’s greatest calling is to know the Lord.  May this course help equip you to live a life of urgency concerning the return of Jesus Christ.

Course Weight | 4 Credits

Quiz Weight | Must pass by at least 75%

Teacher: Caleb Cooper

Caleb’s bio will go here.

Required Reading:

  • Eschatology: The Study of Bible Prophecy and End time Events (Book Exam)
  • The Eschatology Manual (Required Handout)

Additional book read:

  • The Convergence of Revival or the King’s Arrival (need to check if this is a duplicate book)