Activate your God-given purpose through online degrees in Biblical studies and missions.

FountainGate School of Revival trains, equips, and activates the church body to advance His kingdom’s culture and reap a great harvest in these last days.

We offer AA, BA, and MA degree programs in biblical studies with emphasis in revival history, revival components, revival activation, developing Spirit-filled gifts, ministry experience, evangelism, prophetic impartation, and International missions. Step into your calling with FGSOR.

Associates Degree

The FGMI School of Revival Associate’s Degree program equips you with the Biblical knowledge you need for ministry and missions. Continue your education through this two-year degree program and launch into your God-given purpose with a strong theological foundation.

Get your associate's degree through FGMI's School of Revival
Get your bachelors degree through FGMI's School of Revival

Bachelor’s Degree

The FGMI School of Revival Bachelor’s Degree is a four-year program that offers deep theological knowledge so students can step into ministry and missions with confidence. Take your purpose and education to the next level.

Master’s Degree

The FGMI School of Revival Master’s Degree is a two-year program that takes those with a Bachelor’s Degree deeper into their theological education. Whether you seek to be an associate professor or want rich theological knowledge, the Master’s Degree will allow you to propel your purpose with expertise.

Get your master's degree through FGMI's School of Revival

Doctorate Degree

The FGMI School of Revival Doctorate Degree encourages scholars to explore their faith and gain a deep understanding of ethics, holiness, and revival.

Student Experiences

“Attending FGSOR has been one of the best things that I have ever done! Each and every class that I have taken at FGSOR has brought much insight, encouragement, and joy to me! I have learned so many things about Father God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God that I never knew before!”

Marge Register, Doctoral Student & Teacher with FGSOR

“All of the classes stretched me, but I’d like to mention a couple that were particularly anointed. The Revival Research Paper class allowed us to pick a revivalist and research their life and how the Lord used them. I chose William J. Seymour and the Azusa Street Revival of 1909.” 

William Wells, Associate and Bachelor’s Degree Graduate and current Master’s Student

Online biblical & missions degrees to launch your destiny!

Spiritual & Theological Education

The FMI School of Revival is dedicated to covering the earth in God’s glory by equipping His people with Biblical knowledge through formal education. The FGMI School of Revival provides students with the theological foundation they need to go into the world and reach hearts for Christ, whether in the marketplace, ministry, or missions. The School of Revival encourages students to find revival in their own lives and operate in the gifts of the Spirit. FMGISOR offers Holy Spirit-centered biblical education.

Self-Paced Courses & Degree Plans

FGMI School of Revival degree plans are self-paced. Students can complete courses in their own time by simply following their degree plan. Complete your Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree anytime, anywhere.

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